Why Choose Futurelink Group?

In today’s competitive market, finding a reliable and fully compliant umbrella has become a difficult and lengthy process. However, we are confident we are a cut above the rest and this is why our clients choose Futurelink Group!

Variety of Solutions 

We understand that our clients have varied business needs, hence we provide a variety of fully compliant employed and self-employed payment solutions.

International Solutions & Multilingual Staff 

We offer international payroll solutions. Language is not a barrier, with the support of our multilingual team we are able to communicate with clients whose native language isn’t English. 

No Surprises  

Our service is transparent with no hidden costs (insurances are included). 

Multiple Currencies 

We offer various currency payment options to receive and pay workers, mitigating bank charges. 

Payrolls Run Daily 

We run payrolls on a daily basis, every working day from Monday to Friday. In fact, we even run payrolls twice on Fridays! 

Speedy Service 

Fast and efficient turnaround on invoicing, registrations, and client/worker queries. 

Easy & Secure Online Registration 

Our registration process is streamlined to ensure ease and security. Register with us here.

Generous Referral Scheme 

We offer a generous and comprehensive referral programme. Visit our Refer a Friend page for more details, or contact a member of our customer service team with any queries.

Dedicated Support 

Factoring and invoice discounting are provided to businesses to improve cash flow. 

Chartered Accountancy Services 

We offer a full range of accountancy services, provided by our expert in-house Chartered Accountants.

Looking to partner and outsource your payroll with a trustworthy umbrella company offering expertise, reliability, and a commitment to excellent service? Choose Futurelink Group to experience hassle-free and efficient payroll management, allowing you to focus on what you do best – your work. #MakingWorkLessTaxing 

Call: +44 (0) 1923 277900 
Email: sales@futurelinkgroup.co.uk