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Need additional information on IR35? Confused about who the rules apply to and who will be affected?

You are in the right place. If you have the questions, we have the answers!

Futurelink Group is a trusted and fully compliant umbrella payroll company that provides accurate and expert advice on IR35. This is partly attributed to our 27 years of industry expertise, but primarily to our Chartered Accountancy practice and knowledgeable tax consultants who stay current with the intricacies of legislation.

Below, you can find various guidance including an overview of IR35, what transpired from the last changes in April 2021, and how to prepare as a contractor, end-client, or recruitment agency. If you have any other questions, please enquire with our team. 

What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella payroll company acts as an intermediary between employers and contractors or freelancers. Simplifying the administrative burden of payroll management by handling tasks such as invoicing, tax calculations, National Insurance contributions, and other compliance-related responsibilities.

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