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Explore our fully compliant CIS solutions, tailored to enhance net income and reduce tax and NI liabilities. 

Industry Leading CIS Contractor Solutions

Team Construction Limited, part of the Futurelink Group, is registered with HMRC with Gross Status under the Construction Industry Scheme. We provide two, fully compliant CIS payroll solutions for workers:

CIS Payroll – Self-Employed Solution
Futurelink’s CIS self-employed solution is ideal for workers who have registered with HMRC as self-employed, where they have been given a 10-digit UTR number. Futurelink takes care of invoicing, receiving payment from the agency or company, processing the worker’s pay, and deducting 20% tax in line with CIS regulations. Workers who are unverified, meaning they have yet to register as self-employed with HMRC, are taxed at 30% until fully registered.

CIS PAYE Umbrella –  Employed Status
Futurelink’s PAYE solution is ideal for workers who do not have a self-employed status or fall under IR35. Opting for the umbrella solution means the worker becomes “employed” by us while complying fully with CIS, as the company has gross status. Team Construction Limited deducts the relevant tax and NI before paying the worker, so no tax return is required when using this solution. Workers will be eligible for SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) and SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay), and a comprehensive workplace pension scheme is also provided. 

By utilising the services provided by the Futurelink Group, we can keep workers fully compliant with HMRC, protect the worker’s status, and help to maximise their net pay.

Get in touch with us today to discover which of our payroll solutions is best suited for your needs, and how you can maximise your take-home pay. 

The Benefits

What are some of the primary benefits of using Futurelink’s CIS payment solutions? 


Employers, Public Liability & Personal Accident Insurance all included.

Faster Payments

We offer same-day, fast and accurate payments to all of our clients.

Daily Payrolls

We run daily payrolls all week from Monday to Friday, and twice on Fridays!

Fully Compliant

Our solutions are fully compliant, protecting workers and the company.

Easy Registration

We offer a fast, simple and straight forward registration process.

Online Portal

Secure online worker portal providing payslip copies and invoicing options.

Helpful Information

We have put together some helpful information for you regarding CIS.

The Construction Industry Scheme also known as CIS, is a statutory tax scheme that was created by HMRC for those who work in the Construction industry. The scheme was brought in to effect in 1971 to protect construction workers from false employment, and to minimise tax evasion in the industry. The original 714 certificates have evolved somewhat since their inception and today, a worker’s Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number has simplified the process.

CIS applies to the majority of construction workers who are self-employed and that work within the UK (including within UK territorial waters up to the 12-mile limit). However, there are some job roles associated with construction that are exempt from the scheme. 

Generally speaking, CIS will apply to individuals working in the following areas:

• Alterations
• Construction
• Decorating
• Demolition
• Dismantling
• Repairs
• Site preparation

The scheme does not apply to construction work carried outside of the UK or to those who are permanently employed by a contractor. However, a business located outside the UK that conducts construction work within the UK falls within the scheme and is required to register accordingly.

The worker must be registered with HMRC under the CIS Scheme to obtain a UTR number (Unique Taxpayer Reference). Once the UTR has been verified, we will deduct the following amount from the worker’s gross pay.

  • 20% for registered subcontractors
  • 30% for unregistered subcontractors

The deductions count as advance payments towards the subcontractor’s tax and personal NI. Alternatively, if workers do not want deductions to be made, they can register for Gross Payment Status online.

CIS is an efficient scheme as it enables Futurelink to handle all tax deductions and compliance, thereby reducing the worker’s administrative obligations. The worker would still have to complete an end of year self-assessment (tax return) and contribute NI (Class 2 & 4). Typically in doing so, workers are eligible to receive a tax rebate on their contributions.

The deadline for submitting paper returns is 31st October within the same tax year. If the worker submits the electronic tax return, the deadline is the 31st January.

Businesses and workers may encounter significant fines if they fail to comply with the regulations and deadlines associated with the Construction Industry Scheme. For example, missing CIS return deadlines can result in the following penalties:

  • 1 day late = £100
  • 2 months late = £200
  • 6 months late = £300 or 5% of the CIS deductions on the return, whichever is higher
  • 12 months late = £300 or 5% of the CIS deductions on the return, whichever is higher

Companies and contractors could also be penalised for incorrectly giving the wrong employment status for a subcontractor which can result in fines up to £3000.

Futurelink can help by eliminating the risks of potential fines and protecting the worker’s self-employed status.

Our Testimonials

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Rob P
Energy Recruitment Agency
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"We are an internationally working recruitment agency working with contractors living and working both in the UK and abroad. We have worked with Futurelink since we were established and they have consistently provided excellent support to our contractors. Payment processing times are faster than other umbrella companies that we work with support is clearly a priority to them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Futurelink to any other potential clients. I’d like to pass on my thanks to Andrew, Craig, Daniela and Wojciech and the rest of the team for all their hard work."
Neal F
Energy Recruitment Agency
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"I find working with Andrew a pleasure. He is a fantastic representative for the Futurelink group, provides an efficient, speedy and quality service. Andrew is always available to assist with any questions or task and would recommend any agency using Andrew and the Futurelink group for umbrella services."
Craig P
Energy Recruitment Agency
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"Referrals aside you guys are head and shoulders above most umbrella companies I have worked with. Excellent customer service and your employees couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating. Liz in particular is always on hand to help."
Frank M
Security Recruitment Agency
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“We at Gemini would like to thank you and your team for all your help and support in connection to payroll solutions. We find Futurelink Groups approach to be responsive to action when required with a courteous and bright manner – keep up the good work!”
Chris S
Project Manager
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"Just a quick message to thank yourselves for the service I am getting from you! Every email or problem is replied to and resolved almost immediately, couldn't ask for a better company to be doing my payroll. I have used a few over the years and this is second to none.Would like to thank Daniela and the 2 Gemmas for their help. Would recommend Futurelink to anyone - Keep up the good work!"
Martin S
Offshore Surveillance Engineer
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"Superb service! Prompt, reliable, quick responses to enquires. Would 100% recommend. Many thanks to the entire team."
Contract Worker
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"I’d like to thank you Liz for your kind availability and professionalism. A breath of fresh air!"
Victoria K
Specialist Construction Company
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"All is great our end, and always runs nice and smoothly, which is great."

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