Vigilant Right to Work Verification in Construction Industry

Vigilant Right to Work Verification in The Construction Industry

Satisfying the soaring demand for labour, especially within the construction sector, has posed significant challenges for recruiters over the past year. While the government has recently eased visa regulations to attract foreign labour workers such as builders, roofers and carpenters, it has concurrently introduced stricter penalties for companies employing undocumented immigrants and others without official right to work. These new regulations, set to take effect next year, will escalate initial fines from £15,000 to £45,000 for first-time offenders, with repeat violations tripling the penalties from £20,000 to £60,000. Consequently, recruitment agencies must maintain constant vigilance when it comes to verifying the eligibility of their workforce to operate within the UK and ensure they do indeed have the right to work.  

Futurelink Groups CIS contractor services has Right to Work checks as an integral component of our onboarding process. If we serve as your payroll partner, the business can be confident that we are diligently adhering to all necessary procedures to safeguard them. 

In the United Kingdom, employers are legally mandated to conduct Right to Work checks. These assessments serve the critical purpose of confirming an individual’s legal right to work in the country before extending a job offer. Given the diverse nature of the UK labour market, especially within labour-intensive sectors like construction, where labour shortages are common, these checks assume a pivotal role in preserving workforce integrity. 

Given the industry we operate in, which is characterised by weekly pay, we have established swift and efficient onboarding procedures for workers, encompassing Identity and Right to Work checks. 

Every contractor undergoes our thorough verification process when onboarding, this includes the submission of identity documents to verify their eligibility to work in the UK. Additionally, we ascertain their proper registration under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) if that is their preferred working arrangement. This meticulous attention to detail from our customer relations team is essential because any member of the labour supply chain can be subject to investigation in the event of rule violations. 

Contractors can securely upload their documents to our Real-Time Verification (RTW) platform ID PAL. If an issue arises regarding an individual’s right to work, it is promptly flagged. However, in most cases, the onboarding process proceeds without hindrance. Beyond fulfilling legal obligations and anticipating potential consequences, conducting Right to Work checks conveys a resolute message to employers about our dedication and commitment to compliance.  

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